Clamp standard (closing on both sides, centered clamping of the knife)

Clamp standard (closing on both sides, centered clamping of the knife)

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Facelift with new sliding device and red jaws

the clamp with which you can always clamp your knife in the middle.

Gone are the days when you milled material out of the Tormek clamp or placed valve plates underneath to clamp the knife in a centered manner.

This is no longer necessary here with this bracket.

Because the jaws move towards each other when the clamp is closed, the knife is automatically clamped in the middle.


neue Klammer standard 10,5cm und extra large 16,5 cm



ATTENTION: Due to its design, this clamp is not suitable for knives that do not have a blade width of at least 25mm. With shorter knives such as pocket knives, filleting knives and the like, the clamp touches the stone at a flat angle. Tests with 1.5 mm thick rubber made it possible to achieve an angle of max. 17 degrees on a filleting knife that still protrudes 15 mm from the clamp. “Normal” Knives, on the other hand, do not pose any problems.

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Dimensions 18 × 6 × 5 cm
  1. Peter

    perfektne vymyslene, pokial noz nema hrubku presne 2,1mm pouzivam len tieto jigy

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  2. Alan

    Definitely a much superior jig to the standard tormek, this jig will hold smaller knives than the original, once you have it closed tight it’s not going anywhere, worth every penny

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