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Herzlich Willkommen auf schleifjunkies.de

My goal here is to be a base for “Grinding junkies” to accomplish.

I own and discuss the following devices here:

  • Tormek T8
  • Ermak 10
  • Ermak 5

  • All of me im Shop I also use the things offered myself.
    After it was very cumbersome in Germany to get CBN wheels that you can also use
    can grind with clear water, I decided to do something about it ..

    I was also repeatedly asked for sources of supply for my tools.
    So I decided to have these manufactured in limited numbers in order to be able to use them
    To make community accessible.

    Customer reviews

    1. Alan

      Definitely a much superior jig to the standard tormek, this jig will hold smaller knives than the original, once you have it closed tight it’s not going anywhere, worth every penny

      Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

    2. Josip

      Great product. Much bether without coarsing and measuring all the time regular SG250 stone. My next order will be also CBN wheel 100 grit… Nice work Hanns…

      Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

    3. Tony Trendafilov

      Very Good Quality Vertical Front Base and fast shipping having arrived in the USA in aprox. one week after placing the order. I am very impressed with this company and will order again!

      Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

    Ich schleife und Berichte darüber, auf folgenden Maschinen:

    Tormek T8 (mit verschiedenen Modifikationen)

    Here I use self-made toolbars, Pin pivot collars and one adapter I assemble
    when I sharpen several knives in a row. Here I assemble using the Adapters 2
    Grinding wheels on the Tormek so I can do that 400s and then immediately the 1000s stone
    grind one after the other without retooling. This is especially useful when I have several
    wants to sharpen similar knives in one piece.

    I’ve been up with the whetstones for 6 months CBN wheels On the way. Have this 160 , 400 and
    1000 Grit FEPA. These can run in clear water without the expensive fluid. If you consider the shelf life of the
    Wheels offsets how much fluid you could use for it, according to my calculation, according to 2 wheels
    to buy. You can read the first customer opinions in the shop. The quality of the wheels is absolutely convincing and takes grinding to another level.


    For the exact adjustment of the cutting angle I have developed my own software. This is available in my shop for Windows. There are 2 versions. One specifically for the Tormek T8 with fixed values and on the other hand a “Universal” version usable for many machines after inserting two dimensions. A version for Android is available in the Playstore. The IOS version is in the works and will be available in the next few weeks.



    I also designed my own front wheel base from a block. The Tormek xb-100 is no longer required. You can find the associated software in the shop or for Android in the Playstore


    Ermak 10

    the Ermak 10 I use it for knives where the sharpening angle has to be adhered to perfectly
    over the entire length of the cutting edge. A few more tests will gradually follow here. I have a
    special machine for left-handers.

    Of course you can also find the Ermak 10 in my shop Shop .

    Ermak 5

    the Ermak 5 (I have it brand new) if I want to grind convexly or in a completely conventional way.
    More and more people are realizing that a convexly ground cutting edge lasts much longer

    Of course you can also find the Ermak 5 in my shop Shop .

    You can open the two Ermak machines sharpeningtools.eu/de take a closer look.

    The manufacturer of these machines is also a “madman” in a positive sense, of course. For him as for
    to me his machines are little works of art that look remarkable and what else a lot
    it is more important to deliver excellent sharpening results.

    You can pay either by bank transfer or by PayPal.

    If there are any problems please contact me by mail.

    Stay healthy