all the CBN 400 or rockhard felt wheel order will be shipped from 28.01, because the goods arrive only on the 27th.


At the moment it depends on the goniometers which currently take at least 3 weeks. I have turned off the order function for a short time. It will probably work again from the beginning of February.

The same applies to all Ermak orders. Since my partner is expanding and moving this week and next week, production will resume only on 01.02.21.


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Welcome to

Welcome to

My goal here is to create a basis for “grinding maniacs”.

I own and discuss the following devices here:

Tormek T8

Ermak 10

Ermak 5

All things Offered by me in the shop I also use myself.
After it was very awkward to get to CBN-Wheels in Germany, you can also
with clear water, I have decided to do something about it.

I was also asked again and again for sources of supply for my tools.
So I decided to have them produced in a limited number of pieces in order to

Customer reviews

  1. J.W. (verified owner)

    Der Laser und die Halterung sind nicht mehr wegzudenken, absolute Funktionalität.

  2. Matthias Thometzek (verified owner)

    Sie ist da!!!
    Scharfes Teil für präzise Arbeit! Und so futuristisch, dass selbst mein Iceland-Kumpel staunt!
    Der ist nämlich auch ein heimlicher Schleifjunkie!
    Und das CBN-Set…. Ich bin nur noch Happy!
    All die Teile sind hochwertig und ansprechend!
    Ja sie erzeugen beste Laune beim Hobby!!!
    Dazu habe ich den Super-Service von Hanns!!!

    Ich danke hiermit vielmals!!!

  3. Kai MacIlvaine (verified owner)

    CBN Steine z. B. für Ermak
    Habe mir die CBN Steine für meine Ermak 10 bestellt. Wenn das Messer z.B. grössere Ausbrüche hat oder man einen anderen Winkel schleifen will, dann ist das Set dazu hervorragend geeignet, Absolut plane Steine, die in den gröberen Körnungen auch abrasiver als herkömmliche Schleifsteine sind. Man erhält sehr schnell eine klar definierte Schneide. Ich ziehe die Klinge anschließend noch mit einem gelben belgischen Brocken ab, um eine hochglänzende Schneide zu erhalten.

I loop and reports about it, on the following machines:

Tormek T8 with various modifications.

Here I use homemade toolbars, pin pivot collars and an adapter that I mount,
when I grind several knives in a row. Here I mount by means of the adapter 2
grinding wheels at the Tormek so I can use the 400 and then the 1000 stone
sequentially without retooling. This is especially useful if I have several
wants to grind similar knives in one piece.

I have been riding CBN wheels for 6 months with the grinding stones. These have 160, 400 and
1000 Grit FEPA. These can run in clear water without the expensive fluid. If you consider the durability of the
Wheels calculate how much fluid you use for it you could use my bill after 2 wheels
Buy. You can read the first customer opinions in the shop. The quality of the wheels is absolutely convincing and takes grinding to another level.

For the exact adjustment of the cutting angle I have developed my own software. This is available in my shop for Windows. There are 2 versions. One specifically for the Tormek T8 with fixed values and on the other hand a “Universal” version usable for many machines after inserting two dimensions. A version for Android is available in the Playstore. The IOS version is in the works and will be available in the next few weeks.

I also designed my own front wheel base from a block. Tormek no longer needs the xb-100. The corresponding software can be found in the shop or for Android in the Playstore

I use the Ermak 10 for knives where the grinding angle must be perfectly adhered to
over the entire cutting length. I have a
special machine for left-handed users.

The Ermak 5 (I have completely new) if I want to grind convex or also quite conventional.
More and more people are realizing that a convex cut edge is much longer cut-by-cut

You can take a closer look at ermak’s on

The producer of these machines is also a “crazy” of course in a positive sense. For him as well as for
me are his machines small works of art that look remarkable and what else much
more importantly, deliver excellent sharpening results.

You can pay either by bank transfer or by PayPal.

If there are any problems please contact me by mail.

Stay healthy