CBN and felt wheels should arrive between 23.11 and 27.11 After that we will ship immediately



Attention: newly arrived. 3 sets of CBN wheels for the Tormek 4. First come, first served. I don’t know when they will come in again.

From now on there is a new software here which runs on all systems. No matter if Windows/Apple or Android.

Ermak 10 and Ermak 5 are now available. Delivery time is about 2 weeks as each machine is built to fit the individual. Other configurations are possible after prior consultation. Please
Contact via contact form.


I have temporarily switched off the shipping costs to the USA and Canada
depending on which postcode i send to, i have different prices, so i can not deposit fixed freight costs in the shop. however, i will always try to choose the cheapest variant after consultation.

Orders only after prior clarification via mail. Use my contact form on my website. I know that is very complicated but it is not possible to do anything else against at the moment.


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