Today there was an update of the grinding software (APP). You can now store several grinding wheels with the corresponding diameter and switch back and forth between the wheels. For people who prefer a fixed length and a fixed grinding angle….. you can store these values and give them their own name and be ready to use in seconds.

Attention: CBN 160 + 400 + 1000 sold out 80 still few in stock. The next order will certainly not arrive before the 2nd week of March. As soon as I know exactly when the delivery comes I will activate the ordering option again.


Due to the relocation of my partner in Prague and the closed stores there, the time until he can produce again will extend until about 25 February.

The same applies to all Ermak orders. As my partner is expanding and moving this week and next, production will not resume until 25/02/21.

Spacer drive shaft from Alex :)


34 in stock (can be backordered)


long expected, much in demand, now available
since you should always remove the grinding wheel after grinding, an adapter made of Delrin is used here as a space and space holder. This prevents the drive shaft from slipping through.

I still have to check the shipping costs.
will probably be sent as a maxi letter then costs between 4.- and 10.-€ depending on the country

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm