The prototypes of the double clamp are all gone. I’ll see if I can add some more. Otherwise, the new clamp will be manufactured in the next few days.


The production of Ermak 10 and Ermak 5 has started. The necessary parts for the machines have finally arrived. First of all, we are getting all the orders ready that are still outstanding. 

On 29.06. I will be in Prague and bring as many machines as have been produced until then. I will probably activate the order functions in the middle/end of next week.

Special requests such as only with CBN stones or with additional clamp table please always in advance by mail.


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Leather wheel 250×35 smooth side outside to end trigger


13 in stock (can be backordered)


You need a spacer for this or get some washers

Made in Germany ­čÖé


Finally a leather of the same size as the grinding wheels. The wheel is made of 3 MDF boards (glued waterproof) and here was an approximately 3mm thick leather applied by contact adhesive.

The contact angle of the blade is therefore the same as the grinding wheels, which should ensure an optimal polishing result.

The dimensions are as close as possible to 250mm but can differ in the 1mm range due to the leather (natural product). Also, the structure is not always the same due to the leather. However, only high quality leather is used. The smooth side of the leather wheel is turned outward.

Thus comparable to the final trigger on a shock leather only that here the angle is permanently held perfectly.

The leather wheel needs a spacer so that it can be mounted on the Tormek shaft.

Optionally, it fits perfectly with my shaft extension for the felt wheel on the leather wheel side.

The shaft extension can remain in the wheel (order knurled nut) and thus guarantees an assembly in seconds.


Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 4 cm