A small ray of hope for all….. in 3 weeks (first week of June) I will get another 75 pieces of goniometers. Then everyone should be able to get one.  The new machines will also start up again at the end of the month. I will keep you guys updated.


Unfortunately, the freight costs have risen extremely at the moment (almost twice as expensive as last week) that it remains for the time being with the 20 available set CBN. Should the situation calm down I hope for another offer. But at the moment not feasible.

The first 10 are as good as gone. Another 10 sets will go out to me tomorrow. Should be there in about 2 weeks at the latest.

The price will be instead of 1000.-€ for 4 pieces only 850.-€.


ATTENTION: have a look at the video in the sidebar “Modification Bracket”. Here are important info`s in it to the bracket.

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