My equipment

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160 grit 1160 grit
400 grit 1

400 grit1000 grit

1000 grit 1

Hier seht ihr die von mir genutzten CBN-Wheels.

Nicht nur dass die Wheels perfekte Schleifergebnisse liefen, man muß sie auch niemals abrichten.

Zur Qualität kann ich bis jetzt nur sagen ERSTKLASSIG mit überragenden Ergebnissen

in Verbindung mit der Schleifsoftware gibt es rassiermesserscharfe Schneiden

cbn wheels 2

My grinding stones and felt wheel

Of course, I don’t want to give up my stones.

There is nothing to my feeling that comes close to a cut-edge polished with the Japanese stone. The result is simply stunning and results in a mirror-blank edge.

The White Stone in the background is a shot from Ebay with a grain size of 320 in rough condition and about 1100 in the prepared state. I use this stone to grind scissors. Scissors should generally not be ground on the CBN discs, as the high cutting angle puts immense pressure on the disc and could damage the coating.

The felt wheel is in the “Rockhard” version and is taken by me in conjunction with the 1 Micron diamond spray coating exclusively for deburring the cutting edge.

paperwheel und laser

Paperwheels and laser

For my slow-running grinder I have 2 paperwheels which I have coated with 5 micron and 0.5 micron diamond paste.

These are used for the final finish.

I use the laser to become a laser line on the grinding stone, in order to be able to orient myself better with strongly curved knives where I grind and where not.

goniometer master

Goniometer Master

Ingenious tool for finding the grinding angle for knives you don’t know.

Of course, also to check whether the self-ground knife has the desired angle.

digitaler winkelmesser

Digital protractor

Versatile to use especially to check the angles of the Ermak 10 and ermak 5.

With the E5 in combination with convex grinding a must because in convex grinding the built-in protractor is out of function.

toolbar 2

Extended toolbar for the Tormek T8

An indispensable tool if you want to grind long or wide knives.

The original tormek toolbar is not high and long enough for this.

This toolbar has a length of 45cm and depth of 23cm.

pin pivot collar

Pin Pivot Collar

Indispensable if you want to grind stak curved cutting edges and have a smooth cutting edge. The tool we mounted on the Tormek JIG to always turn on the center axis when turning the knife while grinding and not on the black button of Tormek where you would rotate about 30mm outside the middle. This is why many people observe that the cutting edge widens towards the tip.

zweites wheel 2

2nd wheel on Tormek

For people who convert several knives in a row without each time, grind a good tool. The shaft is screwed onto the thread with the dismantled leather wheel to mount a 2nd wheel.

Example on the left on Original 400 Grit and on the right on the additional shaft 10000 Grit wheels.

bess schaerfe tester

Bess sharpening tester with additional weight

Under knife grinders, the tool for checking the actual sharpness of a cutting edge.

Several advantages.

  1. I can always understand my successes evenly.
  2. Other people can see how sharp the knife is based on the bess sharpness
  3. With a little experience you can see if there is still a micro ridge at the cutting edge

The additional weight with a magnetic clamp is used for clamping the test thread. I make sure that the voltage of the thread is the same for each measurement and therefore my measurement result is not distorted.

The reference value here is a gillette razor blade, which has a bess sharpness of 50 in the new state.

table stand 3

Table stand for Ermak 10 and 5

The additional tables of the machines can be stored here in a space-saving manner.

schleifsteine ermak 1

Whetstones for my ermak

This set has a range of 120 Grit to 1000 Grit FEPA

This is equivalent to a range of 12-3000 for Japanese stones

Thus absolutely sufficient for razor-sharp blades.

Of course, if you are as cocky as I am, you also put on a leather, which is also glued on an aluminium carrier. The absolute “spinners”, like me, then have as final finish still a hardwood coated with diamond paste to rest 😊



20 and 30 CM

The big one is to measure the stone diameter and the small one I take to set my toolbar the height specified by the grinding angle software.



2 leather straps glued to a wooden block with different coatings. A must for every grinder


I have 2 of them, 1 Micron and 0.25 Micron.

I use the 1 Micron Spray exclusively on my rockhard felt wheel with which I generally degrate my knives.

I use the 0.25 Micron on my pull-off leather by hand.

zubehoer 1

Small accessories

Here is a mixture of various “little things” such as grinding paste, oil for grinding or even diamond pastes. Simply as the Swabian says: from ällem ebbes.



To check the cutting edge I use 2 microscopes.

The smaller one is a very powerful hand microscope with lighting.

The other is connected to my laptop via USB and i photograph the cutting edge directly and save the pictures on the laptop.

I use this e.g. when I create videos and want to show the individual steps of the grinding image.

lavallier microphone

Lavallier microphone

For all the videos shoot and not always stand directly at the camera but always want to have an always uniform and good sound an indispensable tool.


My favorite knife block from Giesser Messer

First-class knives at an absolutely fair price.

An Eden Kanso smuggled itself in between 😊

For me with the Japan knives, which I consider totally overpriced in part a ray of hope.

The Eden Kanso HRC 63 can easily take it with 5 times as expensive knives at a great price. A clear price-performance cracker